Tool and Die Making

We manufacture:

  • High precision press tools and dies to suit any requirements
  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Checking gauges and jigs specific to your production needs
  • Drilling and tapping jigs
  • Welding jigs for complex and high precision welded components such as automotive components

Our team of experienced toolmakers are well qualified to give you all the technical advice and support to develop your product from a basic idea to a high quality finished product.

We make dies to produce instrument components, automotive parts and accessories as well as metal elements for the building industry.

We can engrave stamps with your company logo and product number to be incorporated in your die.

Our CNC milling machine, CNC spark eroder and wire-cutting machine can handle small and reasonably large jobs with high precision.

We will find the simplest and most cost effective solution for your production process.

We develop your prototype.

We can build cheap tooling for small production run.

We are aware of rising material cost, therefore our tools are designed to ensure best stock usage with minimal possible waste.

We build pneumatic and hydraulic stamping and assembling machines for your specific production needs.

We have a good reputation in handling highly challenging projects.

We welcome die alterations and regular die maintenance.

For a friendly and reliable service please contact us to discuss your needs.